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    Exploring Why Children Should Have Science Education at an Early Age

    Last updated 1 year ago

    One of the most thrilling aspects of parenting is watching your children discover something for the first time. Everyday events, such as a falling leaf or a bubbling stream, take on renewed importance through the eyes of a child. Interacting with the world supports the learning process. Structured science education in preschool and other early childhood education programs facilitate an even greater understanding of not only the outside world, but also of the thought processes necessary to draw logical conclusions.

    Developing Logical Thinking
    The basic foundation of science is the process of making observations, formulating inferences, and proving or disproving those inferences with experimentation. Preschoolers can grasp these basic ideas and develop their logical thinking skills. For example, when exploring the concepts of solids and liquids, a preschooler might observe that although milk can be splashed on the floor, Lego blocks retain their shape. Another preschooler might observe that the milk is cold and he or she might wonder if that contributes to its liquid state. A third preschooler may point out that hot chocolate is a liquid, despite its heat. Continuing in this manner, children discuss their observations, revise their theories, and hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills through hands-on experimentation.

    Building Collaboration
    Science education in preschool supports other key skills, such as learning how to work in a group. Children discuss their ideas among themselves and learn to work together to complete a scientific experiment to test their ideas. Learning how to work together in a team lays the groundwork for academic and professional success later in life.

    Fostering a Love of Learning
    Implementing a preschool science curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experimentation can foster a love of learning in children. Youngsters can discover the thrill of digging up fossils in a sandbox or take pride in growing their own plants while learning about life cycles. Nurturing children’s natural curiosity instills a positive attitude toward school and academic success.

    At Under the Sun Learning Centers of Voorhees, our science programs emphasize hands-on experimentation. Your child can discover the properties of sound waves and energy, dig up fossils, and much more. For information about our summer day camp or enrolling in our Marlton, Stratford, or West Deptford programs, please call (856) 282-0460.

    Your Little One Can Learn Shapes and More with This App

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Educational technology is one way to engage your youngster in a lesson plan. If your toddler is beginning to learn about the different shapes, download the Shapes Toddler Preschool app by Toddler Teasers. This simple, easy-to-use app allows youngsters to explore colorful shapes and quizzes without the need for parental supervision.

    This app offers plenty of positive reinforcement for your youngster as he or she works through the quizzes, games, flashcards, and puzzles. The voiceovers are available in English, French, and Spanish.

    Give your child a solid start in life by enrolling him or her in a high-quality child care or preschool program. Parents in the Voorhees area can contact Under the Sun Learning Centers at (856) 282-0460 to schedule a visit to our Marlton, Stratford, or West Deptford schools.


    Understanding the Importance of Physical Activity for Children

    Last updated 1 year ago

    It’s no secret: Children are bundles of energy! You can encourage the healthy use of this energy by ensuring that your preschooler stays physically active, even during the summer. There are a number of benefits of physical activity at all ages, but children who are active can enjoy numerous advantages, including:

    Decreased Risk for Obesity
    Children who are regularly physically active are more likely to stay at healthy weights as they grow older. Obesity is a common problem in the United States, and one out of three children is now considered overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk of certain health issues, including type 2 diabetes and stroke.

    Lowered Risk for Certain Diseases
    By maintaining a healthy weight, children can reduce their risk for certain health conditions as they grow older. This includes lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancers (including breast cancer and colon cancer).

    Increased Self-Esteem
    Children who are involved with sports teams or who participate in physical activities such as martial arts are more likely to have a stronger sense of self-confidence. Physical activity also releases endorphins, which keeps kids at any age happy and feeling energized.

    Improved Motor Skills
    Certain physical activities can improve a child’s hand-eye coordination. Learning how to catch or kick a ball or swing a golf club, racket, or baseball bat can help children develop and refine certain motor skills.

    Help your child learn healthy habits for life by enrolling him here at Under the Sun Learning Centers in the Voorhees area. During our summer programs, we offer day camp activities and swim lessons to help children stay active and have fun while doing it! To learn about our locations in Marlton, West Deptford, and Stratford, take a look at our website or give us a call today at (856) 282-0460.



    What Are the Best Foods for Your Growing Child?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    It’s a well-known fact that some foods are better for your child than others. To keep your young one healthy and growing strong, add important nutrients to his diet like protein, fiber-rich whole grains, and calcium. Protein can be found in foods like eggs and tofu; protein helps build brain tissue, which is crucial for your preschooler’s development. Eating protein-rich foods in the morning can also help keep your child full until lunchtime. Whole grains found in foods like oatmeal digest slowly and also help keep your child full for longer. The calcium found in dairy products like milk helps keep bones and teeth strong.

    Here at Under the Sun Learning Centers, we serve a breakfast/snack, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack to our youngsters each day. These meals are full of nutrients that can help your child continue to grow healthily and happily. To learn more about our programs and summer day camp, give us a call today at (856) 282-0460. We serve the Voorhees area and offer locations in Marlton, West Deptford, and Stratford.

    Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Playing All Summer Long!

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Are your kids suffering from boredom in between days at summer day camp? You can help them have fun all season long with some of the ideas in this video!

    One great way to keep kids having fun is to build a fort in the yard. Children love to play in forts, and by building one in the yard using outdoor furniture and old towels and sheets, you don’t have to worry about a mess in your house! Other fun activities include going on a bug safari, drawing with glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk, and blowing bubbles. Keep a basket for toys outside to make cleanup easy.

    If your kids need something educational to do this summer, consider summer day camp or swim lessons here at Under the Sun Learning Centers! Call us at (856) 282-0460 to learn about our locations in West Deptford, Marlton, and Stratford.

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