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The most important aspect the consumer needs to focus on is how he or she vets various service providers and product vendors in their vertical. Pre purchase research is very important in the sense that it helps them come up with some of the best options they might need when buying. In the old days, the consumer mainly relied on word of mouth referrals, expert analysis, and media reports like those featured in the consumer report magazines to choose brands, products or services they needed.

In today’s Internet charged world, the consumer relies on the Internet itself for insights into what brands to buy from. The top three things an online buyer is looking for is another users experience, product or service insights, as well as discussions involving the quality of a service, etc. While most mainstream e-commerce stores like Amazon are doing a great job allowing consumers to access more information about products and services they want, others like essay writing companies don’t.

Essay writing companies vs. student consumers

Student consumers have a rough time picking appropriate essay writing company because they lack enough information on the companies that are able to serve them. This often leads them to make decisions without adequate information, an aspect that explains the soaring number of disappointments. For the consumer to improve their “luck” in their choices, they need to look for alternative sources of information like review sites.

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Why we are a review site for essay companies is a review site that aims at looking at the options the consumer gets via reviews. With our reviews, consumers can rest assured that they will not only receive a lot more information- fulfilling the 3 information tenets, but also get potential recommendations on one website. This will not only improve their experiences but also reduce the number of mistakes they make.

How it works

This website collects a lot of information about various essay writing companies. The first set of information is concerned with the comments and ratings of real customers. We collect this information to help students gauge other users’ experience as well as hear what they say to help them make up their minds about wanting similar experiences. On our side, we also extract a list of top service providers from this data as recommendations.

In addition, we also ask experts to review essay writing companies. The result they give is a summary that gives deeper insights into the essay company than the traditional review would provide.